Panchayat System in India

The Raj of the Panchayat or the Panchayati Raj?

Panchayat System in India

Panchayat System in India is deeply ingrained in the Indian system. Since time memorial, the Panchayat Raj have been a front runner of economic development at block and district levels. Here is some food for thought for a change-

  1. Is it mandatory to have a five year tenure at block and district level? Can three years of service be pegged for panchayats?
  2. Is reservation necessary at the block level for the Panchayat Raj? If 30% of any block is from the reserved category, then is it possible that only 30% is reserved for the reserved group at the block level service?
  3. The Panchayat Raj is very important for developing countries. Can the Panchayat system be taken as a model for South-East Asia, where agriculture is the main source of service?
  4. The three main sources of funds for panchayats can be at district level, state level and at country level. Which project can attach importance first can evolve a metric system, superseding efforts of importance of projects? How can any government ensure running of project managements?
  5. Can we evolve a feedback mechanism of the panchs directly to the state and central government for the information officers at the block level?
  6. A chief information officer at a block level can evolve a grievance mechanism for the various schemes and grievance causing social audits?
  7. Taking a district officer, popularly known as a District Magistrate, can have a project manager working at tandem to notify the central committee on the use of funds against development and other administrative activities?
  8. How can requirements gathering take place at a block level other than registering complaints to the District Magistrate?
  9. How can the Panchayat committee be responsible at a larger gamut to collect and disperse requirements from their village?
  10. Can a state advisory board be responsible for assessing information at a state level?
  11. How can technology play a major role by connecting villages and their information through NIC or a central server?
  12. Who is responsible for implementing and assessing changes at a block level?
  13. MNREGA, Social audits, Information van, basic healthcare, farming methods- who would disperse information at a vernacular level?
  14. Can a block development officer or a panchayat development officer co-exist?
  15. Who would ensure MNREGA pays, and at what level of schemes? How can reservation of certain members be a major factor in block representation?

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