Recovery path of the US economy

The cost of financial freedom
The USA is taking a slow recovery path owing to the mishap in 2008. The financial freedom of some financial institutions has come with a cost. Here is some food for thought for the lawmakers in the US-

  1. Increase public welfare spending with conjunction with private players to reduce the depth of the public spending by the government
  2. Cut on unnecessary welfare and redistribute wealth among the lower income group
  3. Set up on low cost manufacturing unit for some geographical pockets
  4. Visa status to illegal immigrants as labour cards for low menial jobs
  5. Inject a feeling of oneness and nationalism in public schools and discussing topics like apartheid, equality and freedom
  6. Better Immigrant Laws for the vaccum created by the baby boomers
  7. Reduce grants on the basis of age and SSN for those who do not require the social security money based on income levels
  8. Laws on contract management and labour
  9. Rationalize the tax system in proportion to the income made
  10. Health program in conjunction with health private players can be introduced in the states
  11. Not dependent on outside oil, buy limit internal consumption by using public transport
  12. Trade deals with low input import barriers
  13. Dilute the Dollar by 5-10% rather than risking another alternative currency
  14. Do not print Dollars, but evaluate the currency for a better exchange limit
  15. Allow multi-trading of currencies and reserve other currencies in the Fed for hedging against sharp rise and fall of DollarsThank you for reading this article. Kindly feel free to contact me for further details.

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