Reservation based on index

Reservation based on index

Reservation and the misuse of the real representation

There is a rise of concern among the Dalits, which needs to be addressed. A few facts on reservation that can be a few of the reckoning factors can be as follows.

  1. Primary reservation can be possible at a Constitutional level which can be amended based on minority representation and demographic dividend, which essentially means population representation at a state level.
  2. Secondary reservation at a state level can be a deciding factor under the Union List for a representation at a state level.
  3. Reservation can be forfeited from families with an asset value of more than 50 crores for more than three generations.
  4. Economic Census in 2021 can be a determining factor for creating geographical pockets for reservation, with a population dividend inclined to listed beneficiaries in the Constitution.
  5. Per Capita Income of the states can be an useful factor to determine special package for the states who are below par in per capita income, and needs prominence rather than a special state.
  6. People holding constitutional posts for more than 3 years can never take reservation at any time, or their relatives who are in two degree of relations.
  7. Reservation based on caste alone and not with an economic index can be a detrimental factor.
  8. Reservation in the corporate sector based on economic conditions can be a good factor for the state run agencies and PSUs.
  9. Promotions based on reservations can hinder progress all through-out.
  10. North-East and adjoining areas, including places that can have a quota for reservation can be a differentiating factor for placements for land-locked areas.


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