The pattern for a choice of dating

The story of a perfect date

The pattern for a choice of dating

This is a classic case of dating and matching after a date. Let us assume that a person has three friends who are girls, and they dote on the same male person. We have to find a solution for a perfect date which may happen with a movie, museum and library. (Can happen both sides, as this is supposed to be a non male-centric world!) Let us name the three girls as A, B and C.

Let us assume that the male person X has three options to choose from the choice of three persons A, B and C, which are going to a movie, museum and library respectively. The matrix of choice for X and A, B and C are given below.

Choices of persons Movie Museum Library
X 1 -1 0
A 1 0 -1
B -1 1 0
C -1 0 1


‘-1’ means not a choice

‘0’ means may or may not go

‘+1’ means a good choice

Let us draw the matrix for choice from the side of X.

  A as a Choice of X B as a Choice of X C as a Choice of X
Choice of X 1 0 -1


‘-1’ means not an option as a prime consort

‘0’ may or may not happen for a date as a consort

‘+1’ means a good choice as a prospective choice as a girl friend

Now, to create a perfect date the choices can be used for movie, museums and library, we can draw the pay-off matrix as below. Here, the first value of the pay-off matrix denotes the choice and match of A, B and C respectively, while the next value denotes the ‘value’ of a relationship.

  Movie Museum Library
A (1,2) (0,1) (0,0)
B (-1,-1) (1,0) (0,-1)
C (-1,-2) (0,-1) (1,0)


Herethe code for the perfect date is given below.

Pay-Off Value 1 +2 Best choice as a consort
Pay-Off Value 2 +1 Good choice for date
Pay-Off Value 3 0 May or may not happen
Pay-Off Value 4 -1 Case of less possibility
Pay-Off Value 5 -2 Case of an impossible date


 The assumptions are:

  1. Choices for a consort and dating place are respected
  2. The pay-off matrix is biased towards the person X
  3. Impossible date means that the person will adhere to the basic rules of selection

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