To Brexit, or not?

51 versus 48

A popular voting from the Brits starting from 51% versus 48% in favour of the Brexit was actually a popular voting trial that shook the legacy of the Brits in their own backyard. France and Germany had been running mates for EU, by filling the coiffures of the EU countries at a revised tax of 23% to 28%. Germany and France, including Belgium will be in a popular stay in EU, and would definitely pull back EU within 3-5 years of positive and industrial output. If Brexit happens, these countries will make sure that Britain has a different trade agreement with EU, and they start from scratch with trade agreements, even if they want to come back to EU post the Brexit negotiations. Merkel visiting the USA and Trump advisory notes to May will at least ensure that Britain understands the importance of the issue at hand. It is just a matter of concern from the whole world, when the Brits understand that the underlying postulate of illegal immigration and pseudo fear based on immigration principles is a binding factor for the popular vote of 51%. David Cameron took the brunt, and forwarded the sceptre to May, resulting in a process of not a new election for the party, putting a stress to the common coiffures. Even if Brexit gets delayed or passes through, Britain is not in a position to run a re-election against four years. Categorically, it would be wise if England understood the importance of the union versus new immigration hurdles.

Expiring visas for doctors and scholars, mainly from NHS, will ensure unfair psychology based on immigration hurdles, with a point of no return. Can England gather enough votes to roll-back the Brexit vote for a larger look out for the EU? Or will England open up vistas for Wales and Northern Ireland, towards EU? Immigration issues do not amplify popular votes, and I am sure that Theresa May is at a point where she cannot roll-back and make her countrymen and countrywomen understand that Brexit is not a very good deal. Sudden leadership change will actually tow down the current British Parliament, and make a path towards chaos if Brexit does not happen as per popular mandate. Migration policies, leading to illegal migration do not dictate popular vote, which I guess that 51% missed out. After ten years, the baby boomers will not be in England with that majority, leaving England to face Trans Atlantic and EU deals out of the union. The Bloc will determine its own future, leaving it to gasp for trade deals where free trade deals are a popular mandate for England, who cannot ensure laws for expatriats as well. Can a popular mandate seriously determine the future of Brexit, given 51% versus 48%?

For me, England would lose in the long run to understand that a popular mandate of 51% would actually lead to a country which cannot stop migrants. Any new law will be screened through by the news to gather the right momentum, which needs to be arrested via media. Even the expatriats would lose their honour in the long run. Economists can draw a better picture, and not based on the trade that happens with the EU, getting a surplus. If EU gets back to shape within 4-5 years, given the credit turmoil in Greece and Spain, how will England negotiate with the trade deals? Theresa May and the following company might succumb to the election mandate to help popular votes. 1.9 % of growth in Germany versus 1.8% of growth in England, among the G-7 countries will ensure that England will rise independently. Even if the Brits believe in common, England has to earn a ‘soft’ Brexit, and not a ‘hard’ Brexit, which will not lead to trade deals with the individual countries. Can England survive the EU deal? Home Depot has to sort out if England can survive a popular voting again!

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