Devaluation of Yuan

Devaluation of Yuan:

Red Dragon, this is your time! Dear Red Dragon,

No man is an island. Your time has come to be the Eagle at and after the 30 years. Now, you have the full wish to work on yourself or be dependent on export-import trade. Devaluation of Yuan was nice, but the state of connundrum it will bring to the EMs will be too much volatile. People need peace, not fear!

Devaulation might have adjusted your sail for the time being, but too much of a devaluation will definitely have a spiralling effect on the stocks and capital markets all over the world. Today, we are faced with a situation whether you will allow the float of dollar bonds and give the dollars back to the USA or allow inner growth in your engine for the next 5-10 years to radical growth. Time has come for an inner change. The housing bubble and the currency war is not lending us anywhere!

Change of Government is only a process. I believe that you can install more confidence in your people and so in your stocks, so that you can help the world after helping you first. Outsourcing dependency did not help you so much.

Start investing in new projects abroad. Especially to the Tiger. Accumulate more returns than just investing in debts. If you cannot help yourself, no one can. Please start believing in yourself first, and then your projects as such.

And lastly, no one needs a currency war at this point of time!

Best Regards,
An Indian Brother.

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