Digital Marketing Campaign in Facebook

Digital Marketing Campaign in Facebook

The chain in chains

This is a different opportunity in making Facebook authentic in viral marketing. Suppose you tag a person, and start a digital campaign by donating USD 1,000 to a number of persons you want to tag. The person keeps a 5-95% cut, and allows further tagging for his friends in Facebook. The rest of the amount is equally divided in the tagging of the rest of the tags.

Let us say, that a person Amar tags 4 friends for his digital campaign, while he starts his campaign with USD 10, with an 80% cut-off. Then, USD 8 goes for a drill-down to his further chain. Now USD 8/4 = USD 2, which Amar can equally distribute to his tags. Again, 80% of USD 8 is USD 6.4, and USD 6.4/4= USD 1.6, which the tagged friends of Amar can distribute again. Again, further drill-down happens and the amount is distributed. This goes on till the amount is too less to be distributed, maintaining a cut-off. Let us assume that no dispersion happens after an aggregate of USD 0.04 is there. The cut-offs and cuts can vary according to the chain.

Another digital marketing campaign in Facebook is a direct tagging campaign. USD 5 dollars can be drilled down to every tags, with a tag of 1,000 maximum tags. Further drill downs do not happen after a single tagging.

The percentage cut can be decided before the campaign and so is the cut off for each drill down. In another case, the number of tagged members can vary, so is the amount dispersed at the start, along with the depth of dispersion. The whole system is akin to a binary tree, with nodes and depths adding to the dispersion.

The Facebook account is tagged to a pseudo bank account like an internet banking system. Similarly, WhattsApp can be used for a trail. The authentication of the Facebook account with the bank account aggregation happens during the 2-phase authentication in registration.

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