Reservation among the equals

Reservation among the equals

In this article we talk about the burning issue surrounding reservations.

Can we do this please?

1. Socio-Economic based reservation, rather than caste alone. Can we have our census based on that?
2. Can we forfeit reservations by ourselves after getting the benefit to the third generation and a threshold of an asset base?
3. Can private players allow reservation to differently abled and disabled persons in their camp?
4. Can the Government allow non-filled reservation quota to be directed to general candidates, if possible?
5. Can we have special training purposes to the SC/ ST/ OBC candidates in colleges and universities?
6. ARI- Annual Reservation Index: Can we follow a cluster of groups of people who have advanced to the stage of not accepting further quota or forfeiting quota of the caste based system?
7. Lesser tax based system on the caste candidates or persons who have broken the ceiling of asset base in an attempt of one generation?
8. Social entrepreneurs in the SC/ ST/ OBC quota getting more benefits to break the economic ceilings?
9. A group helping a sub-group: Can we have benefits to a group of people helping other sub-groups for a long period of time?
10. Setting expectation at the start: Can we take less by setting the standards?

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