Dedicated to the monks of Tibet

Dedicated to the monks of Tibet:

Neuro Telepathy

It is remarked that the Buddhists could live spiritually for more than 1,000 years within their body, given their power of self healing. But, if anyone meets with an accident, then is it possible that people connect with each other spiritually through telepathy?

Neuro-scientists are arguing that given the brain function that some sages have attained, monks and sages actually connect to each other at a distance via telepathy. Seeking answers within oneself can proceed to lead to this sudden discovery, including the process of self-healing, which the monks have practiced over the years!

If one attains a self Nirvana, we can attain a stature when we are in a position to see the Buddhist spirit in animals as well. Birds get attracted to people who are in the process of evolution. Scientifically, it is possible that a person can evolve to have more than 24 pairs of chromosomes in his body, which makes a person different in evolution. Although, medically it is an impossible state, some people have attained a status that they get into a deep slumber to wake up after a few years. Spiritually true, scientifically impossible!


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