Marching towards a “Golden India”?

All of us cry that we are a big part of scandals and corruption. Did you ever notice why?
Ever wondered why people take money? Ever wondered why people use bribe as a tool to work through?
Ever wondered why we are a part of it?

The reason is natural progression. We want our off-springs to be better than us. So that they can afford almost everything,
that eluded us. We do it for our next generations.

That sense of security comes through money. That sense of security comes through our emotional bondage.
No body in this mean world likes a beggar or a depressed person.

Then why do we take a bribe? What are our other options? What is our insecurity?

Have we ever considered schools and colleges for the defense and allied forces.
Ever wondered whether the people defending us needs proper education for their children.
Ever wondered why cannot we have reservation of people working for police, armed, defence and allied forces in schools, hospitals and other places.

Ever wondered whether we are doing enough for the people who serve us, let alone only a smile.
Ever wondered why cannot we keep 5-10% of our monthly income for grants or allowance for the people who serve us.

Or, at least a smile!

India is a land of 1.26 billion people, can we at least take a pledge to support the weak and poor alike.
Can we say “No” to corruption. Can we lead a life on the best possible path, in the best possible manner.
Can all of us pledge to be a part of the growth towards a “Golden India” that we have always dreamed about?

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