Psychcometric Profiling

Mark of a true leader

A person can be elevated to a greater rung of his hierarchy level if he has these factors truly measures and compiled. With a psychological profiling of these combinations, he can perform the best when truly evaluated in these aspects.

PIQ– Personal Intelligent Quotient is a parameter which measures the intellectual ability of an individual.

EQ– Emotional Quotient is the measure of emotional capabilities of an individual.

SQ– Social Quotient measures the ability of a person to mix and mingle in a closed group or surroundings.

CIQ– Collective Intelligence Quotient is the way how a person behaves in a closed group or surroundings.

Types of leadership– There are sixteen types of leadership starting from accommodating to dictatorship.

360 degree feedback– This is an evaluation type used for a person above the post of supervisor for a group that has higher evaluation, peer evaluation and sub-ordinate evaluation.

Personality Assessment– This is done in some companies through other management tests. How does the personality fit in the Harrah’s Window is the question.

Right Brain or Left Brain– This determines whether the person is logically structured in thinking or more intuitive when he is a right-brain person.

Type of leadership level– This is a way to determine at which level of leadership the person is. Is it a level I or level III or level V leadership?

The roar of powerful words– How often does a person use powerful words and communication methods to showcase his thoughts.

Now there may be different methods and methodologies to define this “data bucket” or statistical analytics filled with questionnaire. A true evaluation would consist of finding the strength according to this matrix of ten principles and marking them against the required state of leadership qualities. Complete assessments of that person through these pre-defined tests actually reveal his personality type, leadership qualities and the training required for the bridging of the gap.

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