Teaching Style and Methods

Teaching Style and Methods

Teaching Methods and Strategy

After considerable observation, here are some of the teaching styles & methods that I have discovered:


1. Personal Style Method- A teaching with personal touch
2. Engagement Style Method- 
Engaging a select few
3. Sermon Style Method- 
When teaching and Preaching go together
4. Note Style Method- 
Reference of notes used in the teaching format
5. Video Style Method- 
Through videos and lectures
6. QnA Style Method- 
Engaging through QnA throughout
7. Case Style Method-
 Understanding and analyzing cases
8. Role Playing Style Method- 
Taking different roles at different times
9. Workshop Style Method- 
Teaching through workshops
10. Mass Style Method- 
Uniformity in giving attention
11. Class Style Method- 
Non-Uniformity in giving attention
12. Differentiate Style Method- 
Teaching through differentiation and examples
13. Demonstration Style Method- 
Teaching through demonstrations
14. GD Style Method- 
Through discussions and knowledge sharing
15. The Village School Master Type Method- 
The teacher knows nothing at all
16. Passive and Active Style Method- 
Listening to the teacher with an active mind

Depending on the audience, place, manner and time- the teaching methods are employed.

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