The power of two

The power of two

Dual Credit System and the not-so conscious mind

Imagine this in an university. An Australian university attaches the same grade to a group of homogenous students. Imagine this is happening to two students. A dual credit system is the one where two students get the same grade in a class for working on the same tutorials, projects and assignments.

It is similar to dual programming as well. Many software companies code with architects to work on similar issues while solving. Two persons at the same post can have the same emotional gradient, so that they form a homogenuos team. I had also witnessed this concept in the Software System classes in Carnegie Mellon University in the USA.

It can also have an implication in Montessori schools. Two teachers can teach the same thing. When anyone needs an answer to any questions, a supervisor would be adaptive, while the other instructor is teaching. I had witnessed this in my talks with my maternal cousin.

Similar it is to the brain functions, there is an unconscious, subconscious and conscious layer of mind. When you rise at an unconscious level even via dreams, you can connect your mind to any other person via telepathy, alternately called as the ‘Aavtaar’ spirit. Just joking!

When your subconscious mind rises above to a different level- you connect though mind and spirit. This can be useful to draw out each other’s information, share ideas, negotiate with emotions, find an argument pattern, draw out each other’s wishes and collaborate further. The unconscious mind can leverage to a different platform. Generally happens with your near and dear ones, who would connect to you at a subconscious level, instead of just verbal communications. We need to focus right from the start with a positive spirit.

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