The story of a farmer

Some food for thought for the agriculture sector based on observations in the fields of Guntur, AP:

1. Co-Op banks/ Agriculture banks to lend micro credit at lesser interest than other credit lenders
2. Retailer to directly sell to farmers through meetings, mandis after expert comments from the crop scientists in a farmers’ meeting
3. Retailer to form base to credit policy, as the retailers know the credit history and pattern of purchase of the farmers
4. Micro lending to co op lands in which small farmers come together for tilling lands lesser than 1 hectre and distribute profits in the co-relation of the type of harvest and kind of harvest
5. Micro credit linked to the harvest of seasons to predict the quanity and quality of the next harvest
6. Farmer data base on a central repository from which the data is connected to the Aadhar database for farmer details, and hence subsidy directly
7. More incentives on the type and quality of harvest can be there, which will allow the farmers to get a revision on MSP
8. Government can take a call if MSP can be refereshed within a year, season or within 2 seasons
9. Land Auditing/ Soil Testing on the type of land, and the crop that they can grow based on the soil test that can be done
10. Pilot on the changes based on geographical pockets which are heterogeneous in nature can be done

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