How to make facebook more effective?

How to make facebook more effective?

Dedicated to the visit of Mark Zuckerburg in India in Delhi on 28th October, 2015

A lot has to be accomplished by “Facebook”. Here are a list of things that Mark can take care of:


1. Facebook School– Ever wondered if facebook started delivering content which improvises the education system? Like opening a “Facebook School” to deliver content?

2. Local IPR Rights- Many authors and thinkers write the original compositions in facebook. Have you wondered, if local IPR can help the original content to be protected?

3. Content Administration– Many posts carry hostile message in them. Can we counter them via proper content administration?

4. Filtering– Can there be a filtering of content based on the quality of it? Can a threshold of “dislike” button raise alarms to the administration of facebook?

5. Interest based request– There are many games which float around like “Candy Crush Saga” which mature people do not like to play. Can we use a filter for these unwanted games based on selection?

6. Creative Content– Can facebook create and distribue content of an individual by helping them publish? Can they have world-wide IPR Rights?

7. Different Interface– Can there be a different interface for different demographics?

8. Authenticity Issues– Can the content uploaded be authetnticated via a proper mechanism?

9. Learning through games– Can there be games which are illustrative and educative?

10. Crowd-Sourcing– Can some APIs be taken into development after people suggest them? Can the ideas be crowd-sourced?

11. “Everybody owns facebook, not just Mark”– Mark, can you spread the viral that every content of an individual belongs to them? Facebook is an identity that is owned partly by individuals.

12. Internet. Org– Can internet be used to percolate the light of education to the masses?

13. Collaboration with GOI– Can the local laws of a country be respected?

14. Gauge demographic sentiments– Epidemic, social breakdown, sentiments of a demography, can they be guaged?

15. Ability to be the next generation tool– Mark, can you carry the burden of being the most happening thing in the world of internet?

Things to remember:

1. Policy Impact from GOI– The policy of GOI for local laws has to be respected.
2. Supervision on Content- 
There has to be a supervision on the content generated.
3. Sentiment capturing- 
There has to be swift mechanism to detect anamoly in the social structure.
4. Understanding Demographic Needs- 
The needs of a demography can be captured and translated.
5. Secrecy- 
the secrecy has to be maintained. Not all posts can be in public domain.
6. Tracking Individuals- 
Sometimes, it might be neccesary to track individuals as well.

Definitely, “Facebook 2.0” can be the next big thing!

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