Nano particles and electromagnetic ink

Nano particles and electromagnetic ink

If this was the future

This is an interesting concept. You enter your bank passbook inside an electronic kiosk for fulfilling the requirement of updating the ledger balance. You have language options, and at the end you get a printed version of the ledger on the passbook. Here are a few business and technical options-

  1. You use an electromagnetic ink- This consists of special particles in make. A basic nutrient is ferrous oxide. This can be read through special electromagnetic rays.
  2. You use a card puncher- This is similar to the punching machine where the characters to be printed or read can be utilized for printing.
  3. You use a bar code only- A special bar code scanner can be used to read the account number or print the ledger on the passbook stuck on one flap of the passbook.
  4. You enter the account number- You enter an alphanumeric combination of alphabets and digits in the screen for printing which includes the codes for alphanumeric printing.
  5. You enter the language option- The passbook can be printed in any language you choose given in a country.
  6. You connect via a satellite- This involved pass code data printed in observatories for red and blue shift. The nano particles are used in printing, especially to detect gravitational waves.
  7. You connect through the central banking system- Every account worldwide can print the data on the passbook accessing the central banking codes.
  8. You can use special magnetic ribbons- A special magnetic passbook can be used for printing magnetically in lieu of a paper passbook.
  9. You do not use generic computers- A special quantum computer can use this printing method to print electromagnetic shift.
  10. You use a special laser- Laser prints can be used to print on certain kind of metallic sheets.

Incidentally, nano particles and electromagnetic ink can be used to treat certain types of cancers. Nano transmitters can be used to insert nano particles inside the blood to cure cancer, and other diseases. These nano particles can be used to reduce coronary and other neurological diseases.

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